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Mahindra Powerol produces a range of powerful diesel generators up to a rating of 200 kVa. These generators incorporate the latest technology and offer several advantages, such as faster response to sudden loading and unloading conditions, lower vibration and noise levels, low maintenance costs, voltage fluctuation controls, and hassle-free operations for over 10 000 hours. View our range of Powerol diesel generators.

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Approved Accessories

We have approved accessories for a number of our vehicles. If you want to download a pdf with the list of approved accessories, you can do so by clicking on the vehicle below.

Enhace Your Experience

There are some amazing applications available for a number of our vehicles. You can download them by clicking on the icon related to your mobile device and your vehicle.

Road Side Assist

Every New Mahindra vehicle comes with Roadside assistance along with the warranty of the vehicle, supported by the AA.

For more details please contact Mahindra Bloemfontein.

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